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English Curriculum

Welcome to our English curriculum

This document outlines the intent behind our curriculum and was compiled during a whole staff inset training session. The document was then analysed by the Senior Leadership Team and amendments and additions made in order to ensure thorough coverage of the writing curriculum in line with the National Curriculum and the school’s ambition to raise standards and achievements in writing

We believe that confident writers emerge when pupils are equipped with the skills and inspiration needed to be competent writers.

Our curriculum is founded on the true belief that skills are gradually built up over time and need to be reinforced and repeated through repetition through quality first teaching, which allows writers to develop and grow. We believe that new skills should be gradually introduced which build on prior learning.

We believe in creating exciting opportunities for our pupils as a stimulus for writing and use this curriculum map to ensure we have covered every aspect that a writer needs in order to become independent writers who are ready and prepared for the transfer to secondary school.