Parents have their say

Parents have their say

Since that school opened its doors for the first time in September 2008, we have aspired to be better in everything we do year-on-year. Parents form a vital part of this, so their opinions really matter to us.

Here’s what some of our parents had to say;

So proud of you E, now I know for a fact that you can communicate in French with me. Well done, mum.’

(Y4 French Day)

‘Fantastic fun learning some Bollywood moves, made even more interesting by being five months pregnant. All the children did so well! A lovely opportunity to spend time in the learning environment. Great for parents to get involved.’

(Y4 Bollywood)

‘I absolutely loved the first week I attended. The instructor was very clear in her instructions and made it enjoyable for all ages. My son said the “Zumba is so good.”‘

(Zumba for Mum & Me)

‘Love being able to come into the classroom with the children. It gives great insight into how the children are developing. Everyone seems so happy! Thankyou Kingsway.’

(Y2 Easter)

‘I am not a “Maths person” and the Maths I learnt just a few years back is quite different from the one my son is now learning. ……..”Maths for Mum and Me” seemed a great opportunity to get together with other mums-on-the-job, to have fun, to have a nice cup of tea and some biscuits. But most of all was a privileged moment to be closer to my son and to understand the way he is being taught and to help him learn. I loved it. Really had fun!’

(Maths 4 Mum & Me Club)

‘Today’s event was wonderful to watch. The kids really enjoyed themselves and this was a delight to watch. Amazing performances.’

(Y4 Clarinet)

‘I thought the London trip for Y3 was amazing. Really well organised with a lot of time and hard work going into this. I, as a parent, was very pleased I could share this experience with my child whilst helping. We had a great day.

(Y3 London Trip)

‘It was really wonderful to be able to see the children working as they do normally rather than the more formal events. T always gets very excite if I can get a chance to come into school to see what he is doing.’

(Open maths morning)