Kingsway Curriculum

Kingsway Curriculum

At Kingsway Primary School, children are immersed in a curriculum that is ambitious, engaging and inspiring; it provides deep and lasting knowledge across all subjects through rich learning that prepares children for their lives and educational journey at every step.  We understand that knowledge is key; the children will be able to do more and remember more as a result of our curriculum design. 

We believe passionately that all children should be challenged to achieve their very best in every area no matter what their starting points. We know that our curriculum prepares every child for their lives ahead: academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

The Kingsway Curriculum 
  • places powerful knowledge at the heart of learning 
  • is designed in a coherent way, ensuring it builds from year to year 
  • is cumulative: constructing firm foundations from which children can build conceptual understanding and skills over time 
  • is ambitious for every child, regardless of ability or background 
  • enables children to develop knowledge, foster curiosity and ignite a love of learning 
  • empowers children to become happy, mentally-resilient citizens, ready for the  
    challenges of the 21st century 
  • provides opportunities to experience new places and visitors that enhance our learning further

Our curriculum has wide aspiration at its heart and is underpinned by three main elements: 

  • Love of language: developing exceptional communication skills in, and a passion for: reading, writing, speaking and listening. 
  • Deep Knowledge and Understanding of the world: a rich and interconnected curriculum with strong subject knowledge that enables our children to become wise, considered and prepared for the world beyond school.
  • Opportunities to Experience: achieved through learning that inspires, engages and provides wide experience that allows every child to shine through extended curriculum offers and connections to take their talents and interests further.

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These documents demonstrate the curriculum content in each year group and subject per term of the year.  They summarise the detailed intent documents produced by the school team.

Termly overviews of learning are sent to all parents.  These documents allow parents to know the key content their child is being taught in each subject.

These overviews provide a snap-shot of the planned curriculum content across each year group.

Our three curriculum drivers are built into many daily learning experiences in school with explicit opportunities identified in these documents for each year group.  Whole school strategies and year group specific opportunities have been compiled into each document.

Within each subject, whole school knowledge and skills documents have been compiled to identify the key knowledge to be taught in each year group in each subject.  The knowledge has been identified to ensure the pupils know more, remember more and are able to do more; building on the content from prior terms and year group learning.  Providing strong intent documents, allows our teachers to tailor lessons that ensure all pupils retain greater knowledge in their long-term memory. 

Some subjects are currently in their infancy so we currently use published schemes as a start point.

During our COVID adapted curriculum time, subject leaders were able to identify the most vital knowledge, allowing teachers to still deliver a broad curriculum but enabling greater time to be allocated to core learning.  These documents are archived but available if requested.

If you would like more information about our school’s curriculum, please contact Mrs R Wilkins via email: