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Special Education Needs and Disabilities

Kingsway Primary School has a named Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator and a named Governor responsible for SEND. 

They ensure that the Kingsway Special Educational Needs and Disabilities policy works within the guidelines and inclusion policies of the Code of Practice (2014), the Children and Families Act 2014, the Local Education Authority, and other policies current within the school.

Our SEND policy aims to secure:

– the participation of children, their parents and young people in decision- making
– the early identification of children and young people’s needs and early intervention to support them
– greater choice and control for young people and parents over support
– collaboration between education, health and social care services to provide support
– high quality provision to meet the needs of children and young people with SEN
– a focus on inclusive practice and removing barriers to learning
– successful preparation for adulthood, including independent living and employment

Also included in the SEND policy:

– How adaptations are made to the curriculum and the learning environment of children and young people with SEND.
– The expertise and training of staff to support children and young people with SEND, including how specialist expertise will be secured.
– Support for improving emotional and social development.
– How the school involves other bodies, including health and social care bodies, local authority support services and voluntary sector organisations, in meeting children and young people’s SEND and supporting their families.
– Arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with SEND about the provision made at the school.

Our SENDCo Reports to the Governing Body providing information relevant to:

– Evaluating the effectiveness of the provision made for children and young people with SEND.
– How children and young people with SEN are enabled to engage in activities available with children and young people in the school who do not have SEND.

Up-to-date versions of our
SEND Policy and COVID-19 additional Annex
SEND Information Report can be found in the ‘Policies’ section of the school website.

Supporting Parents of Children with SEND
We know that having a child with special educational needs can be very challenging.  We know that children need targeted, precise and well-constructed support but so do parents. 

This section of our website gives guidance to help parents find the support they need in addition to that provided by the school. Please use these links to explore any help that may be of use to you and please remember to talk with us if you need help.

Gloucestershire Parent Carer Forum – Information to support parents