Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Hello! Social connections, alongside exercise, sleep, diet and routine, are important protective factors for mental health. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week all over the UK, in this ever changing time we are here to support you, as well as any other time in the year. With the Covid-19 virus adding extra anxieties, we have put together some useful websites that help support you and your child during this time.

Please see the ‘Place2Be‘ presentation we shared with parents and the children back in February for the Children’s Mental Health Week. This may help refresh some sites that focus on your children’s mental health.

Public Health England has also funded and supported various platforms for young people.
Here is the link for Rise Above: This site has lots of tips for staying healthy especially in lockdown.

They have also invested 5 million of additional funding to support mental health charities. Social isolation, reduced or increased exercise and bereavement may also affect your own and your child’s well-being. Please see the list of resources that support some of these areas:

MindEd educational resources for adults about children and young people’s mental health

– Every Mind Matters platform which supports looking after your own and other’s mental health
– Guidance on looking after wellbeing and mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
– Guidance on supporting children’s wellbeing and mental health

Also NHS mental health trusts are setting up 24/7 helplines and seeking to use digital and virtual channels to continue delivering support during Covid-19.

At Kingsway we have been adding tips and tasks on your children’s home learning weekly activities and have been writing and researching different ways to support you and your children and posting fortnightly well-being newsletters. Don’t forget our learning mentors are at hand if you feel like you need support ( we have an open door policy so you can talk to me, your child’s teacher or directly to Mr Pajak, Mrs Smith or Mrs Bell.

Being kind and looking after yourself is so important, so you can look after others!

Children’s Mental Health Week