School Closure Q & A

School closure due to the Coronavirus – Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers so far…
Please be advised that these are the arrangements for Monday and beyond. They may change according to need.

Can my child have a school dinner on Monday if they are attending school?
Yes, they can.  If they are in receipt of Free School Meals or are in Year 2 or below, they will be provided with a free meal by our catering team. 

If they do not receive free school meals can I buy one?
Yes you can. In the normal way via Parentpay. Just make sure you have sufficient funds in your account.

Can my child bring a packed lunch? Yes

My child receives free school meals but will not be at school.  Will we receive the meal? Yes, our catering team will make packed lunches for those who are in receipt of free school meals due to financial hardship – we are currently organising how to get these to you.

Does my child bring a snack?
We are unlikely to have our usual snack provision and ask you to send your child in to school with a healthy snack and their own named water bottle. 

What does my child wear to school?
Please ask your child to come to school in their own clothes from home.  They should not wear school uniform.   Your child should wear clothes that they can wear outside and are suitable for the weather. 

You should prepare your child to wear clean clothes each day if possible. Their clothing should be removed on arrival home and should be washed to reduced the spread of illness.

When is the school open?
The school day will be as it is at the moment.  We are open between 8.00am and 5.30pm with the main school day starting at 8.45am and ending at 3.15pm.  The before and after school child care provision (K Club and Breakfast Club) will run as usual and parents will continue pay for this as normal.

All children will come in to the school via the main entrance. Other gates will not be open. Children will be registered when they arrive but must ask you to bring, or send, your child to school with a known trusted adult.  We are hoping to implement a different system to this shortly, but as we do not know which children may arrive each day, we must be certain that your child has arrived.  

All children will be dismissed from the main school entrance at the end of the day.

What will the school day be like?
We will not be providing formal education to the children. Instead, we are running a child care service that provides key workers and vulnerable children a safe place.  A limited number of classes will be open and some groups of children will be put together whilst maintaining social isolation as far as we can.

I have questions that are not answered, what can I do?
Please send any questions you have to us on and we will do all we can to respond in a timely manner.

Mr L Pajak