Year 4 Home Learning Activities

Archived – Year 4 Home Learning

Please find a list of learning activities that your can do at home, keeping you busy. You may need a bit of support from someone at home to start with but you will pick it up.

If you would like to share your learning/photos with your teacher, then put them on your portfolio on Class Dojo and please remember your Online Safety – For more information click Online Safety.

Enjoy and have some fun!

Archived 2019-2020 – Home Learning Activity Links

Home Learning – Week 1 – 23 March 2020
Hawk Class Home Learning – Week 2 – 30 March 2020
Osprey Class Home Learning – Week 2 – 30 March 2020
Home Learning Easter Activities – Week 3 and 4

Home Learning – Week 5 – 20 April 2020
Can Do Maths
Fossils Reading Comprehension
Sun Safety Reading Comprehension

Home Learning – Week 6 – 27 April 2020
Can Do Maths
Romans Challenge 1 and Questions and Answers
Romans Challenge 2 and Questions and Answers
Romans Challenge 3 and Questions and Answers
Feelings match up – Resource sheet 1
Feelings match up – Parent Guide Resource sheet 1a
Body outline – Resource sheet 2
Sound experiments
Correct the spelling mistakes activity – Year 3 and 4
Mental Health support for Year 3 and 4

Home Learning – Week 7 – 4 May 2020
Can Do Maths
Can Do Maths calculating fractions
Reading Comprehension – Sound Waves
Label a Roman soldier
The story of Romulus and Remus
Picasso recording sheet
Label parts of the ear

Home Learning – Week 8 – 11 May 2020
Can Do Maths
States of matter crossword
Sequencing resource to support Romulus and Remus story
Roman shield template
Good vibrations – Sound
Reading Comprehension – Hedgehogs
Reading Comprehension – Sharks

Home Learning – Week 9 – 18 May 2020
Can Do Maths
Properties of shape – Maths organiser
The captivating colosseum
– Science – Electricity
Pop Art activity
Live like an Emperor

Home Learning – Half Term Activities – Week 10
Sounds jar xylophone

Home Learning – Week 11 – 1 June 2020
Can do maths
Artist fact sheet – Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol recording sheet
History of electricity comprehension
History Quiz
European flag activity sheet
Electric circuits worksheet
Writing task with support task postcards
The Romans timeline ordering activity
BC and AD. What’s all about?

Home Learning Week 12 8 June 2020
Can Do Maths
Electricity Comprehension
Circuits activity sheet
Writing challenge
Roman houses information
Locating UK cities on a map

Home Learning – Week 13 – 15 June 2020
Can Do Maths
Picasso information
Picasso fact sheet
Mosaic colouring sheets
Mosaic presentation
Mosaic Roman vase design activity
Biography writing task
– Reading Comprehension – Caesars Calendar Conundrum
– Reading Comprehension – Defeat or Retreat
Geography Counties

Home Learning – Week 14 – 22 June 2020
Can Do Maths and Answers
– Science – Will the bulb light up
Volcano labelling
– Reading Comprehension – World Volcanoes
All about volcanoes information
Biography writing task
Design a model volcano
French food matching task
French food vocabulary

Home Learning – Week 15 – 29 June 2020
Can Do Maths and Answers
Writing challenge
Electricity end of unit assessment
– Reading Comprehension – Earthquakes
French food word search

Home Learning – Week 16 – 6 July 2020
Can Do Maths and Answers
French Clothes Vocabulary
French clothes labelling activity
Earthquake information
Earthquake information activity sheet
– Reading Comprehension – David Attenborough
Mindfulness colouring sheets
Template autobiography
Tectonic plates jigsaw puzzle activity
– Living things and their habitats – escape the room Recording Sheet, Clue Cards and Answers