Welcome to Kestrel Class

Teacher: Mrs Wilkins/Mrs Daily
TA: Mr Byles

Our PE slots will be on
Monday: Gymnastics
Thursday: Hockey

Please ensure PE kit is in school everyday as we may use it for other outside sporting activities when the opportunity arises.

Times Table Rock Stars

Click here to view the Times Table Rock Stars

Access details have been sent out via the children and currently only for Key Stage 2.

Year 5 Theme

Watch Out!……… Mother Nature’s About

Year 5 building some amazing shelters

Our theme for the Autumn term is Watch Out…. Mother Nature’s about. Year 5 will be learning about some of the natural disasters that affect the world today, including flooding, volcanoes, earthquakes hurricanes and tsunamis. The children will gain knowledge through research tasks and apply this knowledge across the curriculum, completing practical tasks such as model making, artwork and drama.

Trip to Breakheart Quarry

On Thursday 5th December, Year 5 went to Breakheart Quarry to learn different survival skills. The children cooked popcorn on the fire and practised lighting fires with flint and steel. They looked at different trees found in the quarry and took part in shelter building. The children also created 3D natural art based on the items they could find around them.

Year 5 Parent Overview

The parent overviews are designed to inform parents of the different areas of learning that will be covered throughout each theme.  

Note: You can download a copy of the parent overview by selecting the link in the table below.

Penguin Investigation

This week, Year 5 were visited by Mrs Letts from Crypt School. The children took part in a science investigation to understand why penguins huddle together. The children used test tubes with water to simulate the penguins body heat and looked into the change of temperature between penguins that huddle together and penguins that don’t.

Year 5 Enterprise

Year 5 have been busy creating various items to sell at the school’s Enterprise Fair. They have created reindeer hot chocolate packs, wooden tree decorations, baubles and ginger bread men.

Grease Is The Word By Ben S

Have you ever wanted to see a Grease production? Neither had I wanted to see one until the 21st November 2019.When the whole of KS2 (yes all 240+ pupils!) were given a chance to watch the Grease performance in Crypt school and the children performed. WOW!

Having seen a few musicals before, I didn’t really have an idea of what this one would be like. After, getting of the white as snow coach from Kingsway School, all of us were jumping with excitement ready for what was coming. We all then walked into the hall fussing with joy. Quickly, the lights dimmed, the audience went silent and we waited. Suddenly, the place bounded with music people dancing everything was thrilling: the costumes, the singing, the dancing and the stage scenery were amazing.

Actually, the school morning flew by as quick as a blink of an eye. From the opening scene of them dancing to the end scene of them having a disco. My favourite part was when they had a dance off at the disco  because it was funny and made me want to dance to the music. Everyone were eventually dancing even the teachers were. All the actors were in their 1950s costumes singing the final song. My favourite characters had to be Danny and Frenchie because they were funny and loud.

By the end of the fantastic morning everyone had the catchy songs in their heads and moving their hips (there were so many). When we got back to school everyone’s mood fell lucky though it was lunch time well that is the end of all the excitement. In my opinion I loved it. It was a very good show I wanted to stay the whole DAY!

Grease Performance at Crypt

On Thursday 21st November, the whole of Key Stage 2 went to Crypt School to watch the students perform their production of Grease. Year 5 really enjoyed the production and loved all of the songs.

Year 5 Homework

Homework tasks are set every half term- please see the latest ‘Homework Overview’ link below where children can choose 4 activities to complete over the course of the half term. These activities can be handed in any time before the deadline. 

Reading: Listen to your child reading their home reading book for 15 minutes every day, please sign reading record.

Spellings: Please practice your spelling from your homework sheets to ensure that you are able to read and write these words. New spellings are given every week and can be found on the second page of the homework sheet.

Times Tables: Practice your times tables (2-8) DAILY. This is really important as it helps you divide and multiply larger numbers much more easily. Try to practice the division fact that goes with the multiplication fact

Homework Main Task

Spellings and Times Tables