Welcome to Peregrine class

Teacher: Mr Cox
TA: Mrs Clarke

Our PE slots are on
Wednesday: Outdoor
Thursday: Indoor

Please ensure PE kit is in school everyday as we may use it for other outside sporting activities when the opportunity arises.

Click here for amazing pictures of the PGL trip.

Penguin Investigation

Year 6 were recently visited by Mrs Letts, a science teacher from Crypt School. The children thoroughly enjoyed a science investigation to understand why penguins huddle together. They used test tubes with water to simulate the penguins body heat and looked into the change of temperature between penguins that huddle together and penguins that don’t.

Year 6 Homework

Over the course of the half term, the children are being asked to complete four activities from a choice of six and will be given out at the start of each half term. The homework should be completed by the date specified on the sheet.

Main Homework Task


Year 6 Parent Overview

The parent overviews are designed to inform parents of the different areas of learning that will be covered throughout each theme.  

Note: You can download a copy of the parent overview by selecting the link in the table below.

Year 6 Theme

Keep Calm and Battle for Britain.

Our theme for the Autumn term is Keep Calm and Battle for Britain. Year 6 will be taking a step back in time to have first-hand experience of Anderson shelters and evacuation. Through research tasks, the children will learn about the Blitz, rationing and the changing role of women during WWII. This knowledge will be applied across the curriculum, to include geography tasks, singing historical WWII songs and completing stunning works of art.

Times Table Rock Stars

Click here to view the Times Table Rock Stars

Access details have been sent out via the children and currently only for Key Stage 2.